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    Macbook - How To Disable Overheat Shut Down

    I am trying to use my macbook without a fan inside off it ( please dont ask why )
    and i cant seem to find out how to disable the prefrence or the part that is controlling this

    How can i disable this so i can use my mac again ? the fan is broken so i need to get this working, my macbook ( old white ) that i used to have, dident have any issues like this after taking the fan away from the mainboard, so it has to be a setting somewhere

    Help much appriciated, need to save money on this


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    It's probably a hardware setting so you can't change it. Its there for a reason, so the computer doesn't overheat and catch fire or melt itself. Maybe you should try getting a new fan instead.
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    i have gotten to plug out a plug that looks just like this, and goes from the mainboard chips around the cd player

    922-8366 15" MacBook Pro (Early 2008/Penryn) Thermal Sensor (Left)

    does anyone know if this is the only thing thats needed? or is it another part i have to remove?

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    Jan 11, 2013
    now i have tried to see if it would still shut down cause off overheating and it has, what else is there i should do to fix this?

    Are there more than one cabel i should plug out?

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