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    Hello All, I've been using the TC with an ActionTex modem. Worked fine until we moved and now Comcast is in the picture. Can anyone recommend a modem that is compatible with Comcast and the Time Capsule? Comcast has a list of modems that are compatible but there is no indication if they work with the TC. Maybe it's not an issue but wanted to check with you brain-e-acks first.

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    AFAIK there shouldn't be any issues. Depending upon how you had the TC set up before you may need to make a few adjustments. If, for example, the Cox modems have routing capabilities you don't want both it and the TC acting as a router.

    Once you have the make and model give us a shout if you have issues. Let us know the make and model of the modem and we should be able to help.

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