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Thread: Looking for some special audio cables

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    Post Looking for some special audio cables
    Hey guys, thanks for helping!

    What I need:
    I'm looking for a cable that connects into audio out and back to the audio in, but has an
    extra audio out for headphones/speakers to plug into, and an extra audio in for an extra microphone to plug into.

    What I'm asking of you:
    Tell me the names of what I need and where I can get them.
    (I can order from a website as well)

    Why I need it:
    I'm going to start a gaming channel on youtube and I want
    the best audio setup possible. (I already figured out screen recording)

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    We usually recommend going to and browsing through their site to see what they have to offer. They generally stock just about any cable, connector, adapter, and what not that you could possibly need.

    HDMI Cable, Home Theater Accessories, HDMI Products, Cables, Adapters, Video/Audio Switch, Networking, USB, Firewire, Printer Toner, and more!

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    I could be wrong on this but I suspect that you are going to need basic audio mixing for that. I don't remember seeing a cable that does that exactly the way that you describe.

    I assume that what you are trying to do is to have the game audio playing as you describe various events, hints, reviews etc.? If so that might be possible in software using some of the audio aggregation/ mixing features of either OS x or a program like Audio Hijack Pro. have to give that some more thought. I've read of aggregation used for similar recordings but have not tried it myself.

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    My recommendation would be to do it with software... Soundflower ( will allow you to output your computer's sound to a recording program. Pair that with a mixer that'll grab audio from your mic, and a program that'll monitor the soundflower channel and you should be set. Unfortunately, I don't know of a program that'll do this but I'm sure there's some out there. A program called Line In ( is close but your monitoring will include your voice from the microphone (you'll have to route it through garageband or audacity to monitor in addition to your recording program)

    Basically it'll look something like this:

    Computer Audio -> Soundflower 2 Channel -> Mixer Software

    Microphone -> Mixer Software

    Mixer Software -> Soundflower 16 Channel

    Soundflower 16 Channel as stereo microphone in your recording program

    In the long run you might be better off purchasing a call recorder for mac and setting it up to record your voice and the mac's sound at the same time while you screen capture. You can sync em up in iMovie later that way.

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