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    Hello all, I hope you can give me a hand about the following.

    I am a graphic designer with an office of two, who is looking to share files
    and projects effectively with my employee.

    I subscribed to box and drop-box with mixed results. I like the idea of
    a server mirroring two computers, but the internet is slow and I work with very large

    Is there an external hard drive that can do the same through the wifi network? I suppose I can create a server drive that both of us work off of, however this might be tricky if one of us work from home.

    Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

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    Have you looked at Transporter by Connected Data?.
    Install up to a 2 TB Drive, internet accessible, supports working collaboratively, will back itself up to other Transporter devices.

    See my early first thoughts on the device here on Mac-Forums


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