Tonight, I picked up a LaCie 160GB firewire drive, and in relatively short order, I had partitioned it in 2 equal size partitions, made one journaled for External boot purposes, and the other, a place for my iTunes directory. So, what's this, the included disk utility lets me restore my Macintosh HD to the target LaCie boot partition? I don't need any special software? And, I can select that drive at boot if things turn south, and well, that's it? So it seems! Every day I feel more certain that when smoke billows out of my Windows box, it's replacement will be a Mac. That's not to say I hate Bill Gates, or that there aren't some things I like about Windows, but I look at this miniature cube with 512MB RAM and am amazed at all it does, and all that the OS lets you do. Anyway, I have only a few hours use logged on the LaCie drive, but I feel like it was a good move, and couldn't resist sharing the moment.