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Thread: Driver Support for Logitech Headset

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    Driver Support for Logitech Headset
    I just purchased a G930 wireless headset from Logitech to find it has no drivers for OS X. It still works fine as a wireless headset, but I would like to be able to use the programmable G-keys. On the side of the headset their are 3 buttons and they are all pre programmed to have the functions play/pause, backwards and forwards. They work, except I want to be able to reprogram these functions. Does anyone know of a way I could do this? Thank you.

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    Lots of people begging Logitech to fully support OSX on their forums. Some posts from 18 months ago, some from very recently. None getting anything back from Logitech except a link to their feedback page.

    My best advice is to return them and select some from a manufacturer with better support.

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