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    Possible to turn old tower pc into external hard drive?
    Hello again wonderful people of Mac-forums!

    while in my loft i came across my old tower pc complete with its two internal hard drives (Sata 3.5" 160gb + 250gb) as well as two other spare internal hard drives (one sata 3.5" 160gb and one IDE 3.5" also 160gb) i removed my two dvd drives and connected all the hard drives to the motherboard giving me a total of around 700gb.... i was wondering if it would be possible to use the pc as an external hard drive using its casing and power supplies? more for novelty value than anything else... i am aware that it would be easier to buy a few enclosures and make external hard drives from them but i like a challenge! i have googled around but all i can find on the 'topic' is a few people explaining how to remove the hard drive and buy a enclosure... not helpful really. any ideas anyone?

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    I dont think so , you will need something to act as a SATA controller for the attached drives, and you already have the PC's motherboard to do that job

    You would be better off using it as a storage server, I would use Linux to do that since its Unix based, free and can run just fine even on older hardware
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