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    Airport Extreme Bridge with Actiontech Router
    I have Verizon FIOS which uses an Actiontec wireless router. I also have an Airport Extreme wireless router which I had to disconnect when I got FIOS. I have read that you can use the Airport Extreme as a bridge and get better wireless coverage. I am not a real tech savy person and I would like some help in doing this.

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums..

    I have the exact same setup as you, and you use Airport Utility and configure the Extreme Base Station. Look at the image below, and set the bottom most option to "Off (Bridged mode)" and then connect a wire between the AE and the FiOS router..

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    Hang on for a bit with this. Our administrator also uses FIOS and has another router setup as you're asking. I also use FIOS but have the latest Actiontech router installed as a replacement from an older model. The one I have has dual antennas and automatically does WPA2 as default. I can receive a strong signal throughout my home and even in the back yard and a fairly good distance from the router itself.

    Edit: OK, I see Moderator Raz0rEdge has already provided you with an answer. He's a fast typist.

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    AEBS to Bridge Mode
    So not being very tech davy let me explain what I understand that I should do and then you tell me if I am correct. Plug in AEBS to power and then plug into ethernet port on MAC after unplugging Actiontec router from MAC. Go to AEBS utility and switch to bridge mode like you showed me and then plug another ethernet cord from the AEBS and into the Actiontec router. Is that correct?

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