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    Airport Extreme with external HD connecting to smart tv

    First time posting....

    Here is my equipment:
    Hard Drive: LaCie 1TB Rugged Triple USB 3.0 External Hard Drive (5400 RPM) )
    Smart Tv: SAMSUNG UE37ES5500 Smart 37" LED TV)
    Airport Extreme Base Station.

    I want to connect my HD to my tv and to the extreme airport base station all at same time. Is this possible?

    Problem is the external hard drive only has one usb port and two ethernet ports.

    Can i get a ethernet to usb adapter so that i run an ethernet cable to the tv?

    or would a usb hub be able to this? i.e extract data from HD and send it to the airport extreme base station and the tv. if so what you recommend?

    Btw my laptop and Hd are usb 3.0 so if its worth it for the hub i dont mind paying the extra.

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    If you indeed have the Lacie Rugged Triple, it does not have any ethernet ports. It has 1 USB and 2 Firewire ports.

    Unless someone with experience setting up one of those TVs come along, you'll probably need to read the owner's manual section on 'Photos Videos and Music' to find out what the Samsung requires in order for it to see/use the data on the hard drive.
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    Yes sorry it is two firewire 800 ports i miss typed it...any suggestions?

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