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    Unhappy Time Capsule, HELP!!
    I received a 2tb Time capsule for christmas and am just getting around to setting it up, so my free assistance has expired. I've been messing with the thing for two days now and despite reading forums and watching tutorials, I am completely lost. Please, if you can, I would really appreciate a walk through of exactly what settings and connections I should use.

    I have an old macbook that I am using Time Machine to back up. I also have a pc that I would like to be able to access the TC. I have an ATT Uverse router that I would like to keep, but wire directly to the TC (this is what is causing me tons of trouble). I would also like to be able to wire my macbook to the TC for the initial backup, and then unhook it and it still be connected. I have a basic understanding of how everything should be connected, or I thought I did, but I cannot get it working properly and I keep having to reset the TC due to the awful blinking orange light of doom. Please please help. I will be eternally grateful.

    I would also like to be able to share my printer with other computers in the house wirelessly. It used to function that way on its own but lately has not. I feel like this should all be easily accomplishable.. but I keep failing.

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    09 MBP 8GB ram 500GB HD OS 10.9 32B iPad 4 32GB iPhone 5 iOs7 2TB TC Apple TV3 then turn wi-fi off after entering your password which is on a sticker on the Uverse RG.
    Then after installing Airport Utility set Wireless in Bridge Mode for the Time Capsule since you can not put the RG in a true DMZ and config IPv4 to auto DHCP.
    This has worked for years for me with an AEBS and Uverse.
    You could use an Ethernet connection to the MB to the TC or just let it go in the background wireless.
    What printer model and brand?
    What computers model ,brand and OS?

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