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    Seagate External Hard-drive no longer syncing with MacBook Pro
    I've had my external hard drive for about 8 months and it has worked fine with my MacBook Pro syncing properly with Time Machine. I went to go sync it today and plugged it into my computer and the external drive did not show up at all-- but the device itself lit up (as it usually does when it's plugged in). I tried testing it by plugging in the external drive into my friend's MacBook Pro and the same thing happened. I'd like it to show up on my computer and be able to sync it as normal.

    Any tips?

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    If the drive fails to mount (show up on the desktop) of two computers, it likely has failed. You can try to run a test on it with Disk Utility, but if Disk Utility can not "see" the drive that won't work. Since the drive is still under warranty, you may be able to contact Seagate and get a RMA. They'll replace the drive if it is defective.

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