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    Can I use my Time Capsule backup with a PC?
    My iMac died. i have it all backed up on my Time Capsule. Do I have to have a Mac to access that data? Also, if not, can I continue to use theTime Capsule with a PC? I'm wondering because I can't afford a new Mac now and am thinking of getting a PC in the interim. Thanks.
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    The iMac died in what way? The hard drive died? Replacing the hard drive, while difficult would more than likely be much cheaper than even buying a cheapo Windows machine.

    You can read/write via ethernet to a Time Capsule via a Windows machine.
    You'll need to install the Windows Airport utility - here - as long as you know your TC password.

    However, you're going to need a Mac with Time Machine to be able to open and see the data (in any sort of meaningful way) in a Time Machine backup. You could then copy the data you want to a separate drive or to a separate folder on the TC. Do not make any changes to the sparsebundle package or it will likely not work properly when you want to attempt a restore to another Mac.

    (Also, it is better to ask to move a post to the correct forum than to create a 2nd identical post. Thanks)
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    Thanks for your reply. Re my Mac. I replaced the drive a couple of years ago and exchanged 500mb for 1tb. The logic board is no good according to two different repair shops. Excuse my ignorance. Could I have burned it out because I was near capacity on my drive(mostly video) or because I would run ram hungry apps? It would freeze up when the ram was overloaded. Anyway, I thought Apple computers lasted longer than 6 years. Maybe I can buy a used Mac, but I feel like I'd just be buying someone else's problems. Do you know the best way to buy used, where you can trust the seller? If and when I get a Mac, can I have an external drive with all my video that iTunes can access as readily as it has when stored on my iMac? I have found it hard to find an iMac with at least 1Tb storage. I don't know. I know so little about the best way to go about all this. If you can help me I'd very much appreciate it. Maybe, as computer illiterate as I am, I don't belong on this forum. Thanks for your attention. Thanks for your help.

    About the identical posts. I didn't know how to change the forum. I don't think I will make the same mistake, but how and/or who do I ask to change the forum?

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    I had good luck purchasing from a seller on eBay though I have heard some horror stories about that. This sale was from an individual though not a business. Check the Apple store website and look at some of the refurbished models. Sometimes there are good deals there. The machines have been serviced/checked by Apple and have the same warranty as a new machine.

    AS far as iTunes goes it doesn't have a problem if you decide to put your music / video on an external drive. The only thing you really have to remember to do is make sure the external drive is mounted when you launch iTunes or it defaults to looking on your internal drive for the media.

    iTunes 11 for Mac: Change where your iTunes files are stored
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