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    start up from external disk?
    We are trying to perform back ups from an 80 gig lacie drive to emacs using CCC. We have backed up onto the lacie drive but cannot start up from it to perform a re install. This is using USB as firewire does not work in any case.
    On an emac usind OS 10.3.9 the lacie disc appears in prefs/start up disk box and can be selected but on pressing re start machines hang and never re start. On machines with OS 10.4 the lacie drive does not even show up in the start up disc box so cannot be selected. Any ideas would be very useful.-peter UK

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    You can't boot from USB drives AFAIK, only Firewire drives.
    You could boot up from an OS X install disk, and use the Disk Utility (can be found in the menu bar under tools during installation) included to restore the internal drive from the external.
    But that will only allow you to copy everything over...

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