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    Cool HELP please, ext HDD from Mac, plugged into PC, now will NOT boot or be seen on MAC..
    Please help...

    I have a 1T iomega ext HDD that has been running fine on my desktop imac 7,1 for long time (intel core duo running OS X 10.6.8), but I did a very silly thing...

    I unplugged this fine drive (which was hooked up to mac with a firewire cable) and tried to plug it into my PC notebook using a usb cable (it has the ports) , to see if I could use the extra space (it is half empty) to back up some files from my notebook,,,,

    Of course windows made it unhappy from the moment I plugged it in,...pc never saw it and it would just click.... so I moved it back to mac, and now it does the same, is never seen by mac or disk utility etc.... I think the PC messed up the boot blocks of the drives HFS+ filing system, my bad... but all the data on the disk should still be there and fine!!..

    Is there a UTILITY somewhere that can SEE this DISK on my MAC and FIX it??.... thanks all... BBERKOFF

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    Most data recovery programs are not going to work because they will be unable to "see" the drive. However, there is one that may work. It's called "Scannerz" and can be downloaded from here: LINK I believe they have a trial version that you can try first. The price for the app is $34.95.

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