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    Connecting a MAC screen to a KVM switch
    Thought I'd already posted, so apologies if a dulpicate

    I am trying to connect a MAC pro tower with a Windows PC via a ATEN KVM 2-port USB switch using a MAC wide screen display, MAC KB and mouse.

    Connecting the MAC to the switch is easy using a mini display port - VGA adpt. The Windows PC direct.

    However, my problem is connecting the MAC screen to the switch. The screen has x3 connectors (mini display, USB and another?). Is there an adpt that can connect the screen mini display (male?) to VGA at the switch?

    Big metaphorical hugs to anyone with an answer

    Apologies for my ignorance, Pedrom

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    Exactly which Apple screen do you have?

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    Not sure of the model. I had a quick look on my way out this morning and the model # was not clearly identifiable (Only a s/n under the stand).

    Suffice to say it is a 24" widescreen LCD with a moulded Video cable, although it does have x 3 USB ports on the back.

    Since posting, I have looked to see if there is any kind of adpt\converter for the mini display port connector (male), and have not found anything as of yet.

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    There are no converters "from" VGA "to" displayport (or mini) that I am aware of.

    There are a few VGA "to" HDMI converters.

    The first problem there is that the accepted input resolutions are well below the resolution of that cinema display.

    The second problem is that most of them have a fixed output of 720p (1280x720), not only well below the accepted resolution of the monitor, but a 16:9 aspect ratio while the monitor is a 16:10 aspect ratio. And, I've heard that Cinema display will "only accept" a total of 3 resolutions - all of which are 16:10 ratios.

    The 3rd problem, there are no HDMI "to" displayport adapters that I am aware of.
    The Cinema Displays are probably the only displays on the market that only have a single input option.

    You may find a better VGA to HDMI converter - probably $200+ price range that could take care of the first and part of the 2nd problem. But don't know of anything to overcome the 3rd.

    Best solution to use that monitor may be to look for a modern switch that has all digital connections for video (with displayport output) rather than analog. Something like this - link - and after reading the couple of reviews of this particular unit, I'd probably order direct from the manufacturer to make sure you get one that has the latest firmware already.
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    Many thanks for your answer 'Bobtomay'.. I feared

    Bye bye Mac it is then

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