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    Exclamation Macbook Pro (Mid 2010) Only ONE Audio In/Out Port PROBLEMS
    Hello all,

    So, my Mac has only ONE Audio in/out, and that is a huge problem. I have a headset (Steelseries 7H) and need to be able to use the mic, the problem is it has 2 jacks, one for audio IN and one for audio OUT, and I have no idea what to do.

    I've looked at splitters, but have no idea about types of audio other than I need something that will take a 3.5MM in, and an out, and merge it into one 3.5MM jack to plug into my computer.

    I bought a damn USB converter, but the ****er never worked very well, and just stopped working after a while.

    Where can I buy a (cheap) splitter cable of some form?

    Again, to summarize:
    • I have a headset with two 3.5MM jacks (In and Out)
    • My Macbook Pro only has one audio ports (So one of the jacks can't go into my computer)
    • I need a cable of some form to merge the two jacks from the headset into one, so I can plug it into my computer
    • Hopefully It can be a cord of some form, I move around with my laptop often, so it can't be some silly USB hub or something like that
    • I also don't want to spend tons of money to get something, $15-$20 is about the highest I would think is reasonable for what I need

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    USB is not how I want to do a splitter. I need a audio jack type of cord so that I won't break it, as I am often moving around with my laptop, and would most likely break it...

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