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Thread: Dat drive

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    Dat drive
    I have been going around in different forums for a solution to my problem.
    Nothing to do with the spanking new hardware sold these days.

    We used to backup everything to an external Dynatek DAT drive using 4mm 12-24Gb DDS3 tapes to our G4. The day came when the drive failed. No problem we moved to a DLT Tapes and life went on and on.
    Now, of course we need to retrieve something that was only backed-up on DAT Tapes. Of course!!!

    My way out is to find a refurbished Dat DDS3 drive working on a Mac platform.
    If we had PC's it would'n t be a problem since there is plenty of refurbished Drives available on the net. Not so for Mac compatible drives.
    I installed Retrospect 5 on a PC thinking I will simply buy a HP drive, but the catalog file copied from the Mac doesn't show up in the PC Retrospect.

    No easy way out.
    Suggestions! Names! Codes! Stores! Item to sell!
    Thank you.

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    Does the catalogue file have a file extension .rbc
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    good point
    You are right.
    I added the extension and the file shows up in Retrospect.
    However Iget the message that "this is not a catalog or the file is heavily damaged".
    It did work though on the Mac, as I could search and find through the catalog.

    Thanks anyhow.

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