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    Having problem accessing iomega external hard drive from new macbook pro
    Hi everyone, I hope this is the right place for this question... I've really tried everything I could think of to fix this and a simple search online hasn't brought up any answers.

    I've been using an Iomega on my old iMac for the past 3 years with Time Machine backing up on it. I just recently upgraded to a new Macbook Pro and wanted to use the Iomega to transfer my files. When I plugged it in to the macbook and tried to transfer the files, it told me that I did not have permission.

    The Drive is formatted to HFS+ so it should be read and write... No matter what I try it won't let me transfer anything from the iMac to the Macbook. I'm totally at a loss =(

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    Can you verify the permissions on the iOmega for us? Right click on the drive (must be mounted first) then select "get info". Toward the bottom of the dialog you'll see permissions. The "system" must have read and write permissions otherwise the drive will be locked.

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    Aaaah, I got it! I just had to add admin to the permissions and switch it to Read and Write... So simple, and I completely overlooked it.

    Thank you!

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