I am currently using a 1TB western Digital Caviar black SATA drive as my backup to time machine. A also us a 500 Gb WD as a periodic back up for my photos.

Both drives are internal drives. I plug them into a Thermaltake hot swapable drive bay. I keep the 1Tb drive in there all the time, swapping it out every now and then when I need to use the 500Gb drive.

I read on anohter site recently that I seem to be doing it wrong. According ti the other site, set-up such as I am using are for periodic use only. They just did not elaborate on why this was not a good idea.

The current dock is a USB 2.0. Pretty slow. I was getting ready to get the USB 3.0 dock until I was the article saying this was a bad idea.

Can anyone elaborate on why I shouldn't be doing it this way?