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    Sonnet USB 3.0 Express Card and WD My Book Essential

    I am having problems with my Sonnet USB 3.0 Express Card. I see's one of my portable Seagate drives and works fine with it, but I really need my WD My Book USB 3.0 drive to work with it. I've looked over the WD site and the Sonnet site and can't seem to find any answers. The card seems to be installed fine and as I said it works with one of my other USB 3.0 drives, but not with the WD. Does anyone know if these two items just aren't compatible or if there is a solution? Tried re-installing drivers for card. Tried installing any drivers/software from WD and nothing. The white led on the front turns on when I connect it to the card, but it doesn't show up on my desktop. Any help is welcome.


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    We've had reports from several users regarding USB 3.0 express cards of various manufacturers. The cards seem to work with some drives but not others. Several users reported their card didn't work with any USB 3.0 drive. You might want to contact Western Digital support and inquire about the My Book USB 3.0 drive to see if it's compatible with your card. The fact that the Seagate drive works and the WD doesn't leads me to believe the problem may be with the WD drive.

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    MacBook Pro 5.1, 2.66 gHz, 4gb ddr3, 9600m gt/9400m
    I contacted WD and they said I need to update my firmware on the hard drive. I am traveling at the moment and don't have a spare 3tb drive in my back pocket so I will try after the new year when I am home. I will post back the results for anyone else that maybe having this dilema.

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