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Thread: External hard drive question!!! Please help!!!

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    External hard drive question!!! Please help!!!

    I was running a Lacie Big Disk 1TB mounted onto my TC. It had all my media on it. Turned it on after coming back from holiday and it didn't work. So I took it apart to see inside it has 2 500GB hard drives. . I then got a single hard drive caddy plugged in the HDDs separately and they appeared in disk utility but could not be read as from my understanding they need each other to work. . .

    Question 1... What kind of Caddy do i search for to replace my broken Lacie one?

    Question 2 ... Is there a way to read these hard drives alone or do they need each other?

    The two HDDs are 3.5 IDE Seagate...


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    The LaCie was probably setup in RAID fashion which means that both 500 GB drives were considered as one. (1 TB) Separating the drives does not work without formatting them. However, that means your data will be lost.

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