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    Any quality illuminated keyboards out there?
    I have a Logitech K800 illuminated wireless keyboard for my PC and really like it a lot. I'm about to spring for a Mac mini or iMac (not sure yet) and looking for something similar. I know I can use the one I have, but my wif has never used a Mac and I think she'd make the transition better if she had a keyboard with the OS X keys marked.



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    There are plenty of quality third party keyboards for the Mac, however, I've yet to see one that was wireless and illuminated. The MacBook Pro line comes with a backlighted (LED) keyboard that's real nice but I haven't seen anything like that for the Mini or iMac.

    I believe Logitech has a wired version. Look here. Maybe not, it's not illuminated. You may have to use your PC version after all.

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