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    Question Thunderbolt Display?
    Hi everybody,

    I bought a MacMini 5,2 last year together with a gorgeous Apple Thunderbolt Display.

    Together they're working just great and have given me so much satisfaction you would not believe but as long as they work together.

    I haven't been able to use that ultrafullHD beauty with nothing else.

    I have no other HD screen around but the 27 inches, problems (in my mind) start when friends bring their XBOX 360s/PS3s over and I do not want to turn on my granma's CRT 37" 4:3 TV when I have that jewel...

    Kanex hasn't done anything new, not for thunderbolt at least, and no one else has idea on how to bypass this problem. I also hate the fact that the MacMini's HDMI it's an only output port (it would be so cool otherwise) and I have to accept it.

    So is there another solution, besides adding external adapters (e.g Elgato and Co.) ???

    Please help me or kill me, if I don't come out of this I'll get crazy...I cannot accept the fact that Thunderbolt is developing so freakin slowly (or not at all)...


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    Am not aware of any type of video "to" thunderbolt converters on the market.
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