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    Hue Webcam for Mac (snapshot doesn't work)
    Hello all,

    I recently purchased a Hue HD webcam compatible
    with OS 10.4 and higher. I've installed the drivers
    and the Webcam Monitor works, but the snapshot button
    doesn't work.

    According to the Hue website, the snapshot function
    should automatically open when you click the button
    on the back of the cam. But it doesn't.

    I've looked at their 'troubleshooting' guide but
    it only mentions the snapshot function under
    the Windows section.

    Trouble-Shooting Guide

    So I'm wondering if 1) the snapshot function doesn't work
    on Macs, or 2) i'm doing something wrong because of my
    ignorance regarding these matters. Perhaps there's
    some software I've failed to install etc.

    If anyone could help me with this, it would be much appreciated.

    Much thanks in advance.

    Best Wishes

    Tommy T.

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    Hi Tommy

    Since Hue is plug and play, it doesn't install any hardware drivers for your Mac so the snapshot button won't work. All installing the software does is give you access to the recording/diagnostic tool, though you can use something else like QuickTime if you prefer. Some users prefer to take snapshots with a keystroke and your standard OS X shortcuts will work for that (i.e. Apple - Find Out How - Mac Basics ). The third option described on Apple's page is the cleanest if you want to take lot of pictures, or you can just use Photo Booth which works with the camera.

    It's different for Windows as there are some optional drivers that can be installed, but we found these caused a lot of problems on OS X since there have been so many major changes in each new version, so we use the plug and play method now.

    I hope that helped - you're not doing anything wrong!

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