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    yet another external hdd question...
    did a search and couldn't really find an answer so...

    i'm using my external hdd to backup all my music and some movies. last time i backed up my music i had around 13 gigs. i've recently added more, now i have 19gigs. before i do an upgrade to 10.4.4 and the new version of itunes i wanted to back up all my music. what i did was drag and drop my itunes music folder to my external drive. ok, so now on the external i have the original 13gig library plus the 19gig library. i really have no need to have the 13 gig one so i dragged that folder to the trash and emptied it.
    ok the problem is that the drive is still shows that 32gigs are used. why is that? did i not successfully erase the old files?

    my question being how do you successfully delete files from the external hdd?
    i've since, emptied the trash and rebooted and it still shows that 32gigs are being used.

    also is there any way to have my itunes library folder on my external automatically updated whenever i add new music to my library? i am thinking there may be some sort of automator script?? :confused:

    thanks :headphone

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    Well, if it is strictly a backup drive, you could just reformat it and start again.

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