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    My Printer is not working
    I have an HP Photosmart 4750 printer that stopped working. I know this isn't a Mac product but I wanted to know if anyone can help me with my problem or point me to the right direction.

    The printer turns on but doesn't boot all the way. The loader button on the printer just keeps on loading but nothing happens. Does anyone know how to go about into fixing this problem? Thanks in advance.

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    In my experience, HP consumer-level inkjet printers are designed to be disposable. My last HP inkjet lasted about 18 months before it started not being able to pull a single page of paper, blowing through an entire ink cartridge in 5-10 prints and then eventually not being able to finish booting up. In all of my research, I found that parts are not generally available for the consumer-grade printers.

    So, in short, my recommendation would be to just scrap it and start looking for another brand. I would recommend Canon or Epson.
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