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Thread: Newest software i can update my Powemac G5 to?

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    Newest software i can update my Powemac G5 to?
    Hello All!-

    I wanted to know what the newest software i could update my powermac g5 to, because i am aware that it is an older computer and probably doesn't meet the requirements for the most up-to-date OS.


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    I'm not familiar with the PowerMacs.

    Is it Intel? How much RAM do you have?

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    @OP The last version of OS X that the G5 can run is 10.5.8. aka Leopard. That disc can be found on e-Bay but can be a bit pricey. Last time I checked often went for $100+ Make sure that you purchase a retail version of the disc. Not one of the gray ones. They are machine specific and will only work with the machines they were specifically designed for. Leopard system requirements | TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog

    @ChrisMan287 The G5 series was not an Intel Mac. It was the last of the Macs based on PowerPC chips.

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