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Thread: Printer issues

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    Printer issues

    I have a MacBook Pro that currently only has Leopard (because my IT department hasn't updated it yet) and I am stumped on how to add a printer. I am pressing the + button in the "printer & fax" section of the settings, but NOTHING is happening! I want to try to solve this myself as opposed to using my IT department. Any suggestions?

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    Is it possible your IT department has put some sort of restriction on your MBP to prevent adding peripherals?

    Did you go to the printer company's website and see if your MBP is compatible with that printer?
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    No I have previously been able to add the same printers and in a moment of dumb thinking, I thought I could delete them all and reinstall them together, but that seems to not be the case. They are all department printers that we connect to wirelessly. I even thought maybe if I hard wired to the network it would make a difference, but it hasn't

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