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Thread: Cinema screen & net speeds

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    Cinema screen & net speeds

    Can anyone give me some advice? I hooked up an apple-led-cinema-display today.

    When I close the macbook Pro completely and use my wireless keyboard, the internet connection is virtually obliterated: multiple sites just grind to a halt and then time out. It's driving me nuts.

    When I disconnect and use the macbook in the normal way, then wireless connectivity produces respectable download speeds again.

    Is there any fix for this..... or do I need to start re-packing the display?!

    It's a shame, because the visual quality of everything else is superb.

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    The issue is not with the display you're using, it is the lid being closed. When you close the lid of the MacBook Pro, you add that much more of an obstacle for the wireless connection to go through. Until you get a stronger wireless signal or run a wired connection, I'm sure you'll see stellar results if you leave the lid of the computer open while you are using the cinema display. Hope this helped.

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    Many thanks Image X- much appreciated.


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