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    Troubles installing kingston ssd in mbp mid '10
    Hi guys

    I really hope, that somebody in here are able to help me.

    I've just bought a Kingston V200 ssd, as the other hdd died the other day -.-

    The problem is, that my mac cannot detect the ssd disc as a internal drive no matter what i do.

    Using the SSD as a external disc, i have formatted the disc to Mac OS Journaled extended, installed ML, cloned a image from another disc, tried to reset NVRAM

    But none of these things makes it possible to detect the ssd as a internal drive .. :/

    So... At this point i am clueless to what i should do next to solve the problem.. One of my thoughts are, that i might have another hardware problem? or that the kingston ssd is simply no compatible with my mbp ?

    In any case, i hope one of you guys out there, are able to help me

    // FreakshowDK

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    The problem may not be with the SSD since you seem to be able to use it as an external drive. You may have a defective SATA ribbon cable which goes from the drive connector to the logic board. Try changing out that cable. Directions for changing the cable can be found at iFixit: The free repair manual. Have your model number on hand when you look up the directions.

    We've seen many cases of that cable being defective. The cable undergoes a lot of heat and becomes brittle over time, and easily breaks.

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    Sep 30, 2012
    I found out, that the problem wasn't with the ssd, i tried mounting it, in my gilfriends mbp, which is also a mid '10, booting just fine -.-

    But I'll try to change the sata cable - do you know where i can buy one ?

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