hey guys

i am trying to use automators watch me do function and i keep getting the error message

"the action watch me do encountered an error
check the actions properties and try running the workflow again"

i know i have to Enable access for assistive devices and i already did so in the universal access window. but still no luck

this is what im trying to do
i have an excel sheet with a column of about 500 numbers, i need to run these numbers through 411.com or anywho.com to get the address and postal code. so i would need automator to copy one number paste it in the website then wait for the search and copy the results back into excel . As you can imagine doing this manually would take a very long time so i have been trying to figure out a way to automate the process. i tried reading about excel vba or trying to find a way for excel to do that for me however i did not

this is why i have turned to automator, hoping that it could make this task a faster for me

i am running mac osx 10.5.8

any help would be much appreciated
thank you