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Thread: AppleTV blinking after update

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    AppleTV blinking after update
    I was excited to read about the new Apple TV software update last night so quickly went to do the update. I've done many and never had a problem until this time.
    I started the update and the last time I looked at it the download had around 1 minute left. When I went back about a half our later I simply saw the Apple TV's lighting blinking at a quick pace. I don't get any sound or video at all.
    The model that I have is the most recent Apple TV. When doing some Google research I found similar problems but people talked about plugging it in via USB to your computer and syncing with iTunes but I believe that's for the older model. I figured there must be some type of hardware reset but I don't see anything like this.
    is there some way to get it to work again such as by doing a hardware reset or do I have to go to the Genius Bar?



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    It should work on your 3rd Generation ATV as well,

    Apple TV (2nd and 3rd generation): Restoring your Apple TV


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    I didn't realize it has a Micro USB port but I found it and did a restore and it's working fine now.

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