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    Trouble hooking up airport extreme
    I just bought a new Mac mini and Airport Express. Plugged in the AE and configured it with the Airport Utility. All my wireless devices pick it up just fine, iPad, Samsung tablet, etc... But the computer says it is unable to find any Airport wireless devices. The AE is located in the basement but I have a hard time believing this could be the issue since the other machines pick it up. Anyone have any suggestions? I set it up as a new network, in case that matters.

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    Sep 22, 2012
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    So, since my other devices were getting wifi ok, I went to the networks section and there was the network that I had created. Clicked it and it let me in just fine and it works. Internet to computer. What I don't understand is why the utility doesn't detect the device. This means I can't use the utility to provide updates to or information from my Airport Express, correct?

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