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    problem with OWC 1.0TB NewerTech miniStack U3/eS/FW
    The drive case is really slick but every since I hooked this drive up to my computer via firewire 800 I've been having problems. Everything gets slower and slower and slower and I have to reboot about every two days as things become almost completely non-responsive. I bought the drive genious software during the recent sale and it reports no problems with the drive during a rebuild. Now I'm scanning for bad blocks and it says it will take 410 days which seems a tad bit excessive. Any thoughts on what might be going on and what I can do about it?

    Prior to running this test I ran a speed test and managed 50-60mb/sec which I'm told is normal speed for firewire 800.

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    OWC has free technical support via their 800 toll free number. Give them a call and speak to one of their techs. There may be a problem with the drive or the way you're using it. If the drive is defective, they will replace it with another.

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    ^^^ Yep, my experience with OWC support has been just near excellent.

    Don't know for sure the drive is bad, but sounds exactly like what happened to all of my first gen WD green drives - 4 of them, WD replaced one at a time over the course of a year.
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