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    Sep 13, 2012
    Comcast to Thunderbolt display? :-)

    My wife wants a flatscreen in home office area to occasionally watch tv .
    (we are comcast with a dvr that can use hdmi out as well as rgb etc)

    Daughter & I have MBAir's 2011 vintage (not recent refresh but obviously have thunderbolt)

    I'd like to not buy a 27"-32" samsung but instead the uber cool TBolt display & use it in the home office as a dock for my TBolt external drive, etc & have the nice big display

    I looked at the inputs on the TBolt display & it can't accept an hdmi etc.

    Is there any way to watch comcast cable/dvr on a Thunderbolt display?

    I can't think of any but dual purposing it would help me justify the 1K pricetab easier

    thanks in advance.

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    Jul 23, 2012
    Spend another $400 to use the ridiculously priced monitor:
    Belkin shows off its updated Thunderbolt Express Dock rocking 9 connections for $399 in September | 9to5Mac

    Or, try a MDP to HDMI adapter in the TB port....I'd try that in the store before buying if it matters.

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