I'm wanting to build a computer so that I can enjoy my games for a bit before I join the Air Force which I'm planning to do around December. I made a list of parts for a 1155 socket build and a 2011 socket build. Needless to say I'd enjoy the 2011 better, but the 1155 is cheaper. I'm just wondering if a few people can go over the parts lists I've made for each and check for compatibility and/or suggest differences. I'd like this build to last me through the 4 years I'll most likely be doing in the AF. I mostly just want it for gaming. I play WoW and GW2 mostly, but would like it to run them as smooth as possible and be able to handle any games that are out right now that I might like to play that are similar and any that are released in the near future. Thanks.

1155 Socket i5 build: Parts List

2011 Socket i7 build: Parts List