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    Rec's for new ext HD?
    I'm nearing a need for a new external storage drive for my MBP. Internal is 200gb, and I'm nearly full. I'm having trouble deciding if I want to pay up for something like the TimeCapsule since it also allows wifi, or better to just go with Western Digital, etc.

    I'm sure I want 1-2Tb of space. Don't know that I need anything that's portable. The wireless that Time Capsule allows may be more of a luxury...don't know that it's a necessity for me, if that's one of the major factors in price difference.

    Anybody have any recommendations, anecdotes good or bad, on any external HDs they could provide to help with my decision? Thanks!

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    Like most Apple products, a Time Capsule is very expensive for what you get.

    I just ordered a Western Digital My Passport 2 TB USB 3.0 for about $80 at Amazon (plus points from AmEx). Should be here soon - it shipped today.

    My plan is to use it purely for making backups once per week or so.

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    just plug an external hard drive into an airport extreme and use that WIFI option

    MacPro 2.8Quad/22g ram/900gig SSD +2x3tb Hd
    MBP 2.66/8g ram/1.5Tb SSD

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