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    Best Device to watching my basic cable TV on my iPad: EyeTV, Slingbox, other?
    So my goal is to watch my cable TV on my iPad. My cable is basic cable, so no cable box. Just the cable wire plugged into the TV. I don't have an A/V receiver, but my get one soon.

    I was thinking of trying Slingbox or EyeTV, but it looks like they require you have have some kind of cable/satellite box to use them, which I don't have. It looks like Slingbox may work through an A/V receiver if I can connect the cable line to it, but I'm not sure.

    Any guidance on this would be appreciated.
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    The Slingbox is probably what you need. The basic version allows you to watch TV from your iPad as long as you have a net connection to the iPad and a connection at home. However, without a cable box or digital adapter (like what Verizon uses) you would be unable to connect it.

    The EyeTV also requires a digital interface as you found out.

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