Is there a way to monitor the status of Time how far along it is, estimated time remaining, etc.?

I tried backing up to my 1TB G-Raid Mini via FireWire 800 and it just never finished. I started it yesterday morning and finally got tired of not knowing what was going on this morning and stopped it more than 24 hours later. Then when I tried to eject the G-Raid, it said it was being used by another program. I logged out and logged back in, and that took care of ejecting it. Now I'm trying to back up to a Western Digital 500GB Passport via USB 2.0. I have had issues with the G-Raid in the past, where my MacBook could no longer find it, and I took it to a "geek" who somehow revived it, so maybe it's a problem with the G-Raid.

Granted, it has been waaaaaaayyyy too long since my last backup (December!), but still, could this take more than 24 hours via FireWire 800? I know it is a big mistake to not back up weekly--I have no idea how or why I let it go this long. Anyway...

I am on a mid 2010 MacBook Pro running OS X 10.7.4

Thanks in advance for any help and/or advice!

Ok, never mind. I can see the progress bar moving now that I'm using the other HD. I guess it is in fact a problem with the G-Raid. What a shame. It's such a nice external hard drive and it matches my MacBook Pro :-( When I was using the G-Raid, the status bar just said something like, "Indexing" or something for the entire time, but the status bar never showed any progress.