Both of my laptops seemed sluggish so I did the ssd upgrade. Wow what a difference that made! Highly recommended.

With my imac I was using a bus powered usb 2 hard drive to handle a lot of data transfers and to be honest it was a real dog rocket. Very convenient drive but not very fast. So I replaced it today with a firewire 800 at 7200rpm. Again, wow. Transfer speeds are faster but more importantly it handles simultaneous transfers much better. When copying 10 or more files at the same time the old usb 2 drive came to it's knees and I'd just go to bed because I knew it would take so long. The firewire 800 is much snappier with no signs of being sluggish (although performance did degrade somewhat when doing so many files at once).

So that left me with a spare usb 2 drive. I already had an identical one plugged into my airport base station so I decided to install a powered hub that I already owned but wasn't using. Now I have two drives on the airport base station and they are working very well as a file server on the network.

Oh, one more upgrade. I have a four bay drobo which means I have a lot of data to backup. So I bought a Newertech voyager which is a firewire 800 dock that you can stick bare drives into. My next move is to purchase some raw drives so I can have a full backup of the drobo. Wallet is kind of begging for mercy after all the other upgrades though. Need to give it a breather. Does anyone have a suggestion as to which mechanisms would offer good price/performance? I normally go western digital and they haven't let me down yet (knock on wood).