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Thread: Help with an upgrade (RAM 4 or 8)

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    Question Help with an upgrade (RAM 4 or 8)
    Hi, my name is austin, recently i have become a huge fan of apple products, they are so amazing and have so much pride and integrity and workmanship in them i love it. I have always worked for what i want and that is how i got my 32Gb ipod touch forth gen, now i want a mac book pro 13 inch mid 2012. it has the ivy-bridge possessor and i really need usb 3.0 also assuming that will be come the new standard. i was going through the specks and thankfully with a student discount stuff is a lot cheaper, i have kept everything the same because even though the 500gb HD is only 5400rpm i don't need a lot of writing speed especially sense im only going to be using 90-100 GB (the way io know that is i have a usb 3.0 500gb external HD i store everything on) so if i need to replace it in the future i will but for now i'll keep it at that, i need some help with ram though, i am coming from a 1 GB of ram hp mini 1100. i have been booting from a 4gb flash drive on ubuntu 10.04 for about a year now ever sense windows melted down my hard drive with a virus. so im all for getting a new computer and having something fast that will last but im not sure since the ram will be a huge leap. I'm told 4GB should be the minimum for computers but i have never had anything with such speed so will i really need it? i only use my computer for web browsing downloading music and video, edit video and make some too and do some home work with open office or microsoft word. I do want speed but i don't tend to be extreme maybe have safari, virtual box and a few files open would be the most for me but i try to keep clean and only open what i need then close it when im done. So im not exactly sure were to go from here other than to keep working to get the last little bits of money so if anyone has an idea or two on this please let me know.

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    Welcome to the Mac Forums.

    Buy the most memory you can afford. 8GB will give you plenty of speed and future growth for better apps and games.

    And please, when you post to forums, split your post into paragraphs which will make it a lot easier on our eyes. Most folks will not even read through a post that's a wall of text.

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