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    Dec 27, 2010
    illum keyboard for mini
    ideally: mechanical, wireless, built in wrist rest and back lit. yup, pretty high maintenance.
    reality: i'm not expecting to find wireless and back lit that will work on a mac so i'll give up the wireless first. wrist rest not that big of a deal either. mechanical is the third thing i'll give up.

    i really could use a back lit keyboard for working late at home. found some nice gaming keyboards but nothing that is mac compatible. this is a great looking option less the mechanical keys, but again, i may be giving that up also:
    moshi - purveyor of electronics fashion - Product - Luna
    i'll prob be going with this one but thought i'd ask if there was anything i've missed. if y'all have any suggestion/ideas i'd love to hear 'em.

    thx for all y'alls time.
    ciao, j-

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    Razer makes a Mac model. Not cheap but it meets 2.5 of your requirements.
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    Dec 27, 2010
    thanks stretch, appreciate the link.

    cheers, j-

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