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    Can't print PDFs
    I'm using a MacBook pro and at my work I print to a Sharp MX-3100N copier. I recently upgraded to OSX Lion and now for some reason I can't print PDFs. Word documents still print just fine.

    I tried reinstalling the driver for the copier but it didn't fix the issue. Any ideas?

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    Try adding the printer again (keeping the original one), but give it a different name and let the Mac decide what to do with configuration. Sometimes downloading a driver messes everything up. You could also try adding it manually in CUPS. In a browser address bar type:

    You may need to run from the command line:
    cupsctl WebInterface=yes see the CUPS interface. From there just click the Administration Tab along the top of the page. It's fairly simple to follow the included directions to add a printer.
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    I tried adding the printer again and it didn't solve the problem. I then deleted both the original printer and the one I added, restarted and then added the printer again. Still no luck.

    I guess I'm not computer savvy enough to figure out the CUPS interface. How do you use that? I typed "localhost:631" in the browser and it said that the web interface is disabled. How do I get to the command line to to enable it?

    Also, to clarify, I can print documents, spreadsheets, even web pages, but I can't print anything from Preview. It also appears that I can't print emails (from Mail or Thunderbird).

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    Also, for further clarification, I have now updated from Lion to Mountain Lion and I'm still experiencing the same issue.

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    And now that I've run the latest Mountain Lion update (now running 10.8.1), I can't print to this copier at all! I can, however, print to a different printer in the office with no limitations. So it has to be a driver issue with this particular copier. Sharp's website only has Mac drivers for up to OS X 10.7 for the copier.

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