What a mess I've got! I had 12 different folders of photos on iPhoto that I wanted to have a copy of on the external HD that I have connected via USB port to my new Time Capsule. There were approximately 2000 photos in these 12 folders. I selected all the folders, selected Export and made my choice on the size etc menu that popped up and selected the picture folder already on the external HD as the place to receive the exported folders with the photos.

The export started and I left the computer to allow it to do the job. When I returned, I found the export only moved the photos individually and not the original folders they were located in. So now I have 2000 individual photos on the external HD all mixed together instead of being separated into the various folders as I thought would happen during the export.

I thought a new folder of the same name would have been created and then that folder would have the same photos as in iPhoto. But that's not what happened.

IN hindsight I should have created new folders with the same names as they are in IPhoto and export the photos one folder at a time. Is there a better way to do this?