Hey All

Hear me out lol

THe wife and I have a Mac I have an Iphone, my phone is synced to Ical, my contacts etc.

My wife has a blackberry through work, she doesn't have a choice, she even likes my phone better...but it is what it is lol

I'm wondering is there someway she can sync with our Ical so our family events appear on her calendar? I'd only like the info on our Imac to go to her phone, not vice versa (i.e. I don't want her meetings and such to appear on the iMac and thus my Iphone)

I realize this isn't the forum to really help with blackberry products, but I am wondering if some fellow apple friends can just tell me if this is possible and maybe I can figure it out. In the mean time I will try to campaign against the wife's employer to get him to switch

Cheers all