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    CD Drive not burning "Smoothly"
    This is quite hard to explain...but here goes...

    Has anyone ever experienced a type of "delay/skip" when burning music to a CD on a mac? I don't use a specific program to burn music to a disc...I simply select the files, right-click and go to "burn items to disc..."

    Here's how it plays out, the CD will begin to play like normal...the 1st track will finish and the disc moves onto 2nd between the transition...the disc will play roughly about 2 seconds of the next track...then the music stops for about another 2 seconds...and then the 2nd track will play again from the beginning...It's like it "skips" or something for a bit...and then resumes....

    It's NOT a scratched disc...and there was no bump to the device that may have caused the skip...It happens on ALL my music discs....

    I'm hoping maybe someone else has experienced this...I know it's kind of a strange issue and it's quite difficult to explain...but maybe someone is able to understand what i'm trying to say.

    If you have experienced this, is there a FIX? It's quite annoying...

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    Does a standard 'shop-bought' CD play OK?

    What app is playing the CDs?

    Have you tried different makes of CDR?

    Are you just burning MP3s

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrplow View Post
    Does a standard 'shop-bought' CD play OK?

    What app is playing the CDs?

    Have you tried different makes of CDR?

    Are you just burning MP3s
    1. Yes, a genuine music CD plays just fine.

    2. the CD is usually played in my car, but the same problems happen whenever i play it in a home theater system, another car, or any cd player.

    3. It happens on ALL my disc types, CD-R, DVD-R, DVD+R.

    4. Yes, I'm just burning an audio cd or an mp3 cd.

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