Hi guys hoping you can help me with this one.

Firstly I have to admit to being a complete novice in all things mac but am competant with pc's/windows (don't hate me already!).

Anyway to the problem I have, I work in a nightclub and look after their computing needs. At the minute they have tv screens around the club showing adverts for upcoming events etc and they are controlled by an old bag of bones pc running a really old version of Scala.

The events manager who designs all the posters is running a new mac (sorry don't know specs) and he wants to use that to run the screens and use powerpoint as the software to show the posters in a slideshow with the fancy transitions on a second display but still be able to use the mac main display for other things at the same time.

So far I have put in a mini dvi to vga adapter and got the second display up and running as an extended desktop. I have got powerpoint running the presentation on the second monitor but it locks the main display with the presenter view. I also tried running the presentation in Browsed by an individual (window) mode which almost works but when you click anything on the main display it stops the presentation until you click on the powerpoint icon.

I'm at a complete standstill with this now and cannot seem to solve it. So can any of you mac guru's solve it for me? or if it just isn't possible maybe recommend an alternative method/software for doing such a thing?

Thanks in advance