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    Wink is there any usb wifi adapter?(usb lan card) working on OSX 10.8 (mountain lion)??
    Hi I'm not American.. and My English is not good..

    I think here is only place I can find an answer for my problem..

    here is my situation..

    I've just downloaded Mountain Lion(OSX 10.8) and upgrade my mac book..10.6 to 10.8

    but now I can not use internet..

    I think my usb lan card(zio 1570nu) is not working on OSX10.8..

    so I need to buy new one that working well on my macbook..

    please let me know any product working well.. on OSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion)..


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    Since Mountain Lion is so new, you may have to wait a while before USB WiFi adapters will have drivers for Lion. You should always check to see if your hardware and software is compatible before upgrading.

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    OK, so I have to ask... why wouldn't you just use the built in AirPort (WiFi) adapter? All MacBook models are equipped with one.

    These little USB adapters have very limited antennas. Not sure why you'd bother with them since all MacBooks come equipped with built-in Wifi (that has a real antenna).
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    I'm researching the same thing as the OP, and hoping now that time has passed that there are more options. The internal wifi of my MPB works fine when I'm near an access point, but I have a large directional wifi antenna that I'd like to connect. I used to make solid connections over a mile away with this antenna. 17 miles was my record for a connection with this type of antenna and some pro gear.

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