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    OWC RAID 10 and Back Up Suggestions
    I'm finally going to set up my OWC Elite as a RAID 10 (4 x 2TB drives) and connect it to my iMac 800 Firewire port.

    Even though it would be key, I can't afford to get a UPS brick or an external Firewire drive for backup at the moment. But working on it.

    Before I purchased the RAID, I was accessing/saving files to my iMac's second 2TB internal drive (by boot drive is SSD)

    In the meantime and temporarily; since this is my first RAID, should I...

    A. Read and write files to the RAID and use the internal drive as back up using what Apple Time Machine or Carbon Copy?

    B. Or should it be the other way around?

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    The internal drive is going to be much faster than a FireWire 800 drive, even in striped RAID 0 configuration. FireWire 800 is limited to 80MB/s. Your internal drive should be good for at least 50% more than that.

    The caveat is what type of files your are reading and writing. If, like me, you have several hundred GB of photos go ahead and store them on the RAID away. You'll need the storage space.

    Let us know your workflow and we can give better recommendations.
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