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    Changing name of music files from "Get Info"
    Hi I recently lost my external hard drive and the 6000 songs that were in there. I was able to restore them by following directions for copying music from my ipod. (This is the article if anyone needs it Copy Music From Your iPod to Your Mac). After copying, all the music files are labeled with gibberish, but the artists and titles are there when i click "get info." I was wondering if there was a way to have all the files relabeled as they are still there, and I want them organized on my computer. Thank you!

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    Not without doing it manually. I've had the same thing happen with a 100 selection library and it took considerable time to re-do everything. I can't imagine how long it would take to do 6000 selections.

    Perhaps someone else can come up with an idea or method to offer.

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    Hii everyone I was able to get Irip after trying several different things, and it worked! Also, thank you to the above poster.

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